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[mail] 「Troublemaker」〜ARASHI〜

S:Well, ARASHI's new single 「Troublemaker」is now on sa-le!
S:We are sending our roundtable discussion about the strengths of the new songs!
A:Just listening to this song once、the chorus gets stuck in your head.Listening to it from the second time on, you cant help yourself as you sing along.…this is an uplifting and happy song, right!!
S:Even at the Nagoya Dome concert this past February when we performed it for the first time…
A:Everyone danced along with us~
O:It was so natural!
N:It makes you want to~
M: To me、during the intro when the strings come in、its really refreshing!
N:This song、I really like it a lot!

S:From the time it was a demo?
N:Yeah.“It's the pop-iest song in ARASHI's history”…is what is written at the CD shops.(lol)
S:I think there are ruite a few others、like for me「Happiness」is one of them…
N: Well. At that place, it said that this was ARASHI's most pop-y song (lol)
M: That is a pretty catchy catch-phrase that they attached to it, isn't it~(lol)
O: During the recording, were you able to sing the A-melody and B-meolody in one go?

S: It was easy to go with the flow.
O: I like when it's like that~. Singing it feels really good!
S: I really like the lyrics.

N: Because it's the pop-iest song in ARASHI's history. (lol)

S: The c/w song, "mou ippo" (Included in the RE), is there anyone who has something they are dying to say?
A: It's cool!
O: The interludes are good, too!
M: Plus, they are using Indian instruments.
N: Ah~, When we heard it It was a pretty Indian sounding instrument (lol)
S: Also~ After the interlude, the chorus' melody changes.
N: It changes.
A: Also, the c/w "Yurase, Ima wo" (included LE and RE editions), I listen to it a lot lately~
S: With this song, we have been allowed to sing the Olympic TV show theme songs for three Olympics, Athens, Beijing and Vancouver.
N: It's amazing! Above that, Sho-chan has been able to go to two of them!

S: I am full of happiness! My heart is full!
M: Also, It's very ARASHI-like.
S: There it is! The killer word!
N: I also wanted to say it~(lol)
M: When I listen to the five of us singing together, nothing compares to an ARASHI song!
O: … of course that's true!
S: Amazing! Ohno-san meddling (lol)

A: The LE also has the video clip!

S: If you are thinking about how we filmed it, you can find out by watching the making
M: What about the RE?
O: It has "Mou Ippo"!
N: Eh!? There's one more step? (Mou Ippo means one more step)
S: I think it's good the way it is~(lol)

M: Please also listen to the RE, too!

ARASHI: Please support us! (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!)

Original text can be found here at my LJ.


Ahahaha look at them be all cute and proud to be Arashi. :'D
Thank you for translating!
Thank you so much for translating! :D
thank you for the translation.

i hope you dont mind but i would like to know how you were able to subscribe and get mails like this?

once again thank you?
you have to live in japan and have a japanese cell phone.
thanks a lot :D I'm currently listening to mou ippo on repeat..
dont worry boys we'll always support u~
It's very ARASHI-like xD

haha, thanks for translating :D
Thanks for t/n.

Shokun! You performed in Nagoya in Jan, not Feb!! Fail.
haha. i didnt even realize that the wrong date was typed! hahaha.
Well, I just found out that Mou Ippo is not on the LE. How... strange. I mean, why wouldn't they put Mou Ippou on the LE?! :(

I don't understand their marketing strategies. They wish the fans would buy both the RE and the LE? That's a bit unkind to the LE buyers ¬_¬ ...

Well, thank you very much for this translation! :D
That because the LE already has a DVD of the PV. So the RE usually comes with more songs + karaoke tracks to make up for the difference.

Its how J Storm markets their singles...
Oh, I see. I would have thought the LE would have included all of that. I'm Canadian, you see, and 20$ is the usual price of a full CD. Singles are pretty expensive from my standpoint... I would have expected karaoke tracks to be included as well on the LE.

Thank you for taking the time to inform me properly. :) I'll be a more informed buyer for their singles to come. Arigatou!
usually full albums, johnnys or not, here are 3500yen for the REs. singles also are around 1000yen, no matter the company. It's how Japan works.

In the US albums are around $20, too! But I think you get a lot more with the japanese albums and singles. :D
Yep I usually pay around that for a Japanese album, and once bought an album which cost 5000yen as it included a photobook and bonus DVD. I can almost never resist extras.
it's not on the LE because with the LE you get the PV and the making! That's how they get you to buy both the LE and RE!
hahaha i think they've never been kind to our wallets.. but i'll not get these instead maybe i'll get other products which are much more worth buying (concert dvds, albums etc.)

these boys are so cute it hurts..xD
thank you so much for the translation! ^_^
Aiba is right!!!
I have the chorus stuck in my head!

thank you so much for the translations.

Etto, May i translate to spanish and post it in my blog ?
i promise to give you all the credit.

onegaishimasu m(_ _)m
haha theyre adorable ^^V thanks for sharing the translation ^^
thank you for the translation:)
thank youuu ^^
thank you thank you!
thank you so much!**
"M: When I listen to the five of us singing together, nothing compares to an ARASHI song!" aww so much love <3
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Thank you.
thank sfor translation =D
thank you! :Dv
thanks for sharing

Thank you

I had been wondering what they were saying now I understand^^ I never noticed the Indian instruments though.
thank you so much for sharing!
thank you for sharing this.
They are so cute~ Thanks!
Thank you so much for translating this!! :D

Arashi-like as usual!! :D
thank you for sharing.
thanks for sharing

totally agree that there s nth which can compare with arashi song hehehe
thx for this!
love this new single!
pop-est arashi song :)
thank you for translating:)
thank u so much ~!
Thank you very much for translating and sharing ^^

I know this one has been released since the beginning of this year, but I didn't have a chance to yet, and since I have a chance to read this now I just do it right away before I forget :P

'Troublemaker' I really like this song. It totally wake me up whenever I listen to this song. I like the tempo of the song.

I agree with Jun when he said he likes the beginning of the song when there's the violins was playing. I like it too, I think it's really nice. ^^
and the thing is this song is the theme song for Sho-chan's drama,'Tokujo Kabachi! too. I think it matches the drama very well. It's the song that makes you want to sing and want to dance too especially the chorus part ne as Aiba-chan said :D

The coupling songs are good too, 'Yurase,Ima Wo' was the song for the Olympic, I glad that they use Arashi's song ^^ It's a good song ne . And another song is 'Mou Ippo',this song is totally different from the othr two songs, ne it gives you a totally different feeling and I think it's really cool too. It's pretty cool that they added a little bit of India Instrument. That's pretty interesting :D

Thanks again for translating and sharing ^^
[Sorry for a long commnet ^^' ]
hi i would like to join the community
i love arashi and would like to know what they say on their blogs and stuff
thank you for translating and sharing it is greatly appriciated
Haha, poppiest =))
Thanks for translation :D