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[jmail] Everything Mail ~Arashi~


It's on sale today. Arashi's 27th new single 『Everything』。
When I first heard it the lasting impression was the chorus, it's like when things end things also can continue.... or something like that. There are points where my spirits get lifted by this song so I wanted to tell everyone about the positive forward-moving feeling you can get. This has been Aiba

That's just like Aiba-chan
Jun Matsumoto's point of suggestion is the video clip
For the recording this time, the five of us got together to sing, and it also shows the five of us walking with the sunset in the background… It is simple but, I think it goes well with the song and shows a relaxed Arashi at the moment so please check it out
Sho-kun, what do you think

Hmm. I also think that a very relaxed Arashi is shown. On the day we filmed the video clip, the location's weather was really good so it was a really good feeling. For those who are looking to have a song for their wedding, I would suggest『One Love』.
…Yep!! Now, Satoshi-kun. About the video clip, what is your favorite point?

For me~。The image that remains in my mind is the sunset that is in the video clip. A bit before then I had gotten a sun tan, so on the day of shooting my face was super black. I am soooo sorry But, filming the video clip was such a good feeling. It was the first time in a long time that we filmed outside, the sunset was beautiful, and the ocean was right in front of our eyes, so I wanted to go fishing…but I didn't do it(lol).

Leader always thinks of only fishing, doesn't he (lol)。 But, the whole time I say that, I am playing video games (lol). But, the sunset was so beautiful that day. You can also see it in the video clip, so please watch it

Everyone, took pictures. I took pictures of everyone taking pictures…。
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Thanks for translating and posting~

I'm curious though, why did Sho-chan bring up One Love for a wedding song? Is it wedding season in Japan?

And to tell the truth, the sunset masked Riida's tan so it's not as obvious as it normally is. <3

I wanna see those pictures Nino took! LOL. He's adorable. They all are. :D
**Is it wedding season in Japan?** - If Im not mistaken,there is a term known in Japan as June Bride..maybe because in Japan summer is a good season to have a marriage..

**I wanna see those pictures Nino took!** - watashi mo..same here..wanna see too..
aww this is cute. thanks for sharing (: i hope their single sells well!
Thank you so much for sharing your translation! Ohno super black >
lol riida and his fish XDDDDDDDDDD
thank you so much for the translation :D
What's up with the random One Love reference? Stay on topic, Sakurai! XDD

the new single sounds so arashies. i can feel the relax sensation just by watching them in the PV. i love the sunset and also nino's last sentence! instead of taking picture, he took pictures of everyone taking picture. how brat ;D

thank you so much for translating this!
thank you for translating.
Thanks soo much for translating (^_^)..
I love the song and the pv, like Jun said it was simple but relaxing (^_^)..
so sweet ne...my thought same as riida..when first time i see this pv, i thought 'waw,a history...'because usually arashi's pv in studio ^^'
thank you so much for tranlating!!! i really want to see arashi's photo by nino :D
aw~!!what a lovely message..so adorable..if I can guess correctly,the 1st is Aiba-chan -> MatsuJun -> Sho-kun -> Oh-chan and lastly Kazu..there are also member ai in the message..MatsuJun ask Sho-kun..Sho-san promote MatsuJun One Love..Oh-chan tal about fish to Nino..and Kazu ignore it..hahaha..and Aiba-chan..happy & genki as always.. ~<33333
Thanks for translating! I love the PV b/c of the way the sun hit them in the outdoor shots. Very relaxing!
Thanks so much for translating and sharing. I feel really relax every time I listen to this song and the feeling is double when watch the PV. I just addict to listening to this song like Oh-chan addicts to fishing.
ahahaha thanks for translating! Ohno fishing while nino playing... sounds like father and son doing their daily routine!:XDDDDD
thanks for sharing.. ^^
Arigatou for the translation! Can I ask what this jmail is? As in, where is this posted? Via mobile phone or is there actually a website for it?
its on mobile phone.
available to all people subscribed to arashi through jweb.
A bit before then I had gotten a sun tan, so on the day of shooting my face was super black. I am soooo sorry!!

Hahaha! Thanks for translating. =)
Thanks for translating and sharing! hahaha good for riida to show some restraint XD
I agree with all of them though - the sunset was beautiful ^^
Thanks for sharing <3
thanks for translating+sharing~~~<3
their comments are cute,as always ^___^
awww~ this is fill with warmth~
i went 'ehhh?' at sho-kun's sudden jump into 'one love'
and was laughing at nino's comment on leader's fishing and him playing games XD
thanks for translating this <33
Thanks for sharing! :)

I like the PV. It really fits the song. Everything falls into its right place. ^^

I definitely see One Love as a wedding song but I don't think my groom will like that. XD
Thanks so much for translating <3 lol i am also wondering why Sho mentioned One Love? :/
LOL XD Oh-chan was tanned before the filming? I feel really sorry for their make-up artists!!!
Haha, it's cute that rida said his face very "black" and how he wanted to fish but can't while nino is jst playing video games all the way.

This is really cute. Thanks for sharing!
thanks for translating~ Riida and fish and Nino and his games ^^ ahhh the sunset did seem beautiful~! ^w^
Thank you!
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