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[mail] All the BEST! 1999-2009 Talk ~Arashi~

S:Today our best album,『All the BEST! 1999-2009』 is on sale!We will are mailing you our feelings about this album!!
M: Let's get started!
A: With this one album you'll be able to know Arashi ne! Of course these are songs that have been released on albums, but to have them all on one album is a really fun feeling.
N: Yea. In terms of compiling the album, it was really easy ne.  From here we can have many other albums... and still have this kind as well...
A: There is still the ultumate, ne!!
O: Because there are a lot of singles I think it's interesting.  For people who don't really listen to Arashi, and for those who have listened to us this whole time!
S:  Saying it like that, this also shows how we have grown as well.  And for those who listened to these songs, ordering the songs in their release orders gives the ability to reflect on those times and our growth.
N; Right, I think the order is good ne.  So, you can tell what year you started listening.  Like, I  started liking them..., when i heard it on『Hana Yori Dango』 or 『Kisarazu Cat's Eye』 is where I heard it.
S: You can look at it like that ne, like 「Are you a part of the 『WISH』kumi (group)?」(lol)。
O: Yeah. (lol).
A: Saying 「Yes yes、You are Hana no『WISH』kumi ne」ne。
S:Like, 「I am『SUNRISE Nippon』 kumi yo」(lol)。
N:Like, 「Seriously!?」(lol)。
S: You can have that kind of conversation ne.
M: By the way, 『SUNRISE Nippon』 kumi is what kind of grou, Aiba-san?
A: Iya~、“Hana” is the only thing i can think of…。
M: Well, that's true.  All of them are "Hana no" ne!
S: That and, you can tell those who liked to watch the pro-baseball news because they will like this song(lol)。
N: You're right huh?  It's that kind of image.
M: But, to have it all together and listen to it, I think we really have made a lot of easy to listen songs.  It's no Kintaro Candy (refers to a type of candy artform) but no matter where you cut it, it's "Arashi".
S:"Arashi" is that!
Arashi: Yes, please take care of “Arashi”!!

※Hana no refers to lovely... or it may be something else... but idk. haha.  any ideas?
Original text can be found here.


Thank you for the translation! =)
sweet! im a hana kumi desu!
thank you for sharing!
They are such huge dorks. XD That's kind of true though! I can definitely be like, "Oh, it was around this era when I started listening to Arashi~"

Thanks for translating!
Thanks for the translation! ^__^ They're so funny XD
Such a nice and simple message ^^ Thanks for sharing!
they re really good at reading fans's thought, at least mine ..

btw,thanks for the translation!
much of LOVE! ^ ^
Thanks for translating~
Lol I thought by Hana you meant HYD, turns out it had other meanings ^^; *dumb*

thanks for sharing <3
PS was it just me, or were you so excited you did this as fast you could? Sure gave me the impression <3
hahaha. yea. i was excited.
there's a part 2 to it, but my phone died... so you and i will just have to wait till later tonite...
Till as long as it takes (:

They sounded so hyper in the beginning I got all influenced ^^;
I'll wait till as long as it takes~! <3

They sounded so excited I got influenced ^^;
Thanks a lot for translating! XD
Thanks for translating!
thank you for translating and sharing this.
thank you for sharing ^^
with hana, all i can think of is hana yori dango XD coz probably it was during this time that arashi was really noticed, thanks to jun-sama ^^
thanks for translating!! <33
haha hana yori dango, that is what started this obsession!! :D thank you for translating their jweb!! :)
LOL.. then I guess I'm from the Step n Go group? XD
Thank you for the translation! :D
thank you!
Omedetou Arashi!
Thanks for translating! ^^
Thanks for the translation..^^
thanks for sharing~
thank you for the trans!
Arashi mails are always so touching T_T
ROFL dorks :DDD ♥
thank you for translating!~
Thank for your translation . Haha Riidar just say 2 statements
thanks so much for sharing!! :D
they are so cute! ♥
Thank you for translating <3
thanks for the trans :)
Thank you soo much for sharing! <33
thank you for sharing this...


thanks for translating
thank you so much for translating this =)
Thanx a lot 4 translating & sharing it!
Luv ya!
thank you for translating.
Thanks for the translation~~!!
thanks for sharing...
Thanks so much for being so fast to translate (:
Thank you so much for translating and sharing!^_^
uwaaa thank you so much for translating this! :DD
hum..i dont really understand ..kumi. what's does it mean??
anyway, thank you for translating!!!
cute messeges!
thks for translating^^ i'm looking fwd to part2 ne~
Thank you for the translation ^___^
thanks for sharing! XD
thk u so much !