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[jweb] Kanjani Sentai Eito Rangers ~Murakami Shingo~

Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger - Murakami Shingo
raw is here thanks to jweb_love <3

It's just a feeling I have but...

Right now, the news says that you can't be sure you're safe even if it's a big company.

The year's only started,
But there's been a big earthquake, there're problems about politics and money,
It's like there's almost no good news, but.

It's kind of like~.

If you look for them, there ARE lots of fun things!!

Useless games you used to play as a child turn out to be fun when you try them as a grown up sometimes.

Even clothes, you think you won't ever wear something again,
But when you see it after a while, sometimes it looks better than you'd remembered.

There's no end if you start looking for the faults,
But that's the only thing people do these days.

I think it's not a good thing.
To not look at your own actions
But complain about others.

If you think something is fun, then don't bother others,
I think you should just enjoy it yourself!

Murakami Shingo

Second Half

Milan's doing better and better!!

Ronaldinho's resurrection seems like a proper one,
Not just a temporary one,
He seems complete,
Milan with 3 winning points is looking good in the Milan Derby!

There were lots of transfers too!!!!

Starting off with Inamoto's return to Japan,
There've been so many
Just among the domestic teams.

And among all that,
The incident during the African Nations Cup!\

The attack on the Togo team,
I didn't think it was possible in this 21st century,
An incident that made me doubt my own ears!

On the same bus that you're on
Somebody died because of a gun attack!

In our case,
It's the same as being shot at while moving places on a bus during a tour!

To Togo's
Players, staff, and everyone associated with the team, my deepest condolences。

It seems that
The shooter's saying that he had no intent of murder,
But it's something that should never happen again.

Murakami Shingo


i like the first part of his entry but the second one is....soccer again?!?! LOL
only hina who can compare the togo team shooting with them moving places on a bus for a tour *facepalms*
thanks for the translation (^.^)
The world needs hinative attitude. I need it too.
What an uplifting message....thank you, Murakami-san
I haven't been very optimistic this year ^_^;

Thank you for translating, and notifying!
wow! thanks for translating ^^
He is very Hinative, isn't he?
It feels like the world is a brighter place after I read his entry :D

Thank you for translating~
thanks for translating ^___^

he's update with soccer, no doubt he really likes it :)
Wow! Thank you very much!!

I really likedthe first part, but as I´m a soccer fan too the 2nd half was very funny!!
thank you for translating! *goes to read*
I literally facepalmed when he started talking about soccer...
Thanks for sharing ^^
Oh Hina, he's a great person.. Among all the Eitos he's the one I admire the most, I wish I was like him. Thanks so much for translating! I wish there were more of his jwebs translations.
Thank you very much!!!!
It's the first time I can read one of Shingo's entries.
You're great!
Iya! Thank you for the translation!

LoL.. it's really hina-like..

about soccer and stuff.. but the first part's really true.
let's look at positive things in life more too..
Thank you. <3
The first part...I really need people to continue telling me such things, so I'm happy you translated it<3
Second part... when I understood he was REALLY talking about Milan I got excited, even if I'm not into soccer. xD *italian spirit showed up*
So...thank you again <3<3<3
Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

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