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Mar. 3rd, 2010



[mail] 「Troublemaker」〜ARASHI〜

New Single!Collapse )

Jan. 21st, 2010



[jweb] Kanjani Sentai Eito Rangers ~Murakami Shingo~

It's just a feeling I have but...Collapse )

Aug. 19th, 2009



[mail] All the BEST! 1999-2009 Talk ~Arashi~

S:Today our best album,『All the BEST! 1999-2009』 is on sale!We will are mailing you our feelings about this album!!
M: Let's get started!
A: With this one album you'll be able to know Arashi ne! Of course these are songs that have been released on albums, but to have them all on one album is a really fun feeling.
N: Yea. In terms of compiling the album, it was really easy ne.  From here we can have many other albums... and still have this kind as well...
A: There is still the ultumate, ne!!
O: Because there are a lot of singles I think it's interesting.  For people who don't really listen to Arashi, and for those who have listened to us this whole time!
S:  Saying it like that, this also shows how we have grown as well.  And for those who listened to these songs, ordering the songs in their release orders gives the ability to reflect on those times and our growth.
N; Right, I think the order is good ne.  So, you can tell what year you started listening.  Like, I  started liking them..., when i heard it on『Hana Yori Dango』 or 『Kisarazu Cat's Eye』 is where I heard it.
S: You can look at it like that ne, like 「Are you a part of the 『WISH』kumi (group)?」(lol)。
O: Yeah. (lol).
A: Saying 「Yes yes、You are Hana no『WISH』kumi ne」ne。
S:Like, 「I am『SUNRISE Nippon』 kumi yo」(lol)。
N:Like, 「Seriously!?」(lol)。
S: You can have that kind of conversation ne.
M: By the way, 『SUNRISE Nippon』 kumi is what kind of grou, Aiba-san?
A: Iya~、“Hana” is the only thing i can think of…。
M: Well, that's true.  All of them are "Hana no" ne!
S: That and, you can tell those who liked to watch the pro-baseball news because they will like this song(lol)。
N: You're right huh?  It's that kind of image.
M: But, to have it all together and listen to it, I think we really have made a lot of easy to listen songs.  It's no Kintaro Candy (refers to a type of candy artform) but no matter where you cut it, it's "Arashi".
S:"Arashi" is that!
Arashi: Yes, please take care of “Arashi”!!

※Hana no refers to lovely... or it may be something else... but idk. haha.  any ideas?
Original text can be found here.

Aug. 13th, 2009



[single] Play Back ~嵐~

In honor of their anniversary, all single messages from 2008 and 2009 have been posted. It is called 「Play Back」, so I will be working on getting them out.

Beautiful days

「Kaze no Mukou e」Collapse )</div>

「truth」Collapse )</div>「Step and Go」Collapse )</div>

Jul. 1st, 2009



[jmail] Everything Mail ~Arashi~

Everything MailCollapse )</div>
Original text can be found here.

Jun. 18th, 2009



[jmail] Spam Mail 〜Kazunari Ninomiya〜

could he be starting a diary again!?Collapse )

Original Japanese can be found here!

May. 27th, 2009



[jmail] TegoMasu♡Mail

TegoMasu's mail about their Concert Tour!Collapse ) It has been decided!「TegoMasu SUMMER CONCERT '09」!!
7/22(Wed.)~8/20(Thurs.)、Osaka・Yoyogi・Hiroshima・Sendai・Sapporo・Fukuoka; six cities and six concerts!!
Since TegoMasu had been formed, I have been thinking, "I want to do a concert! and now it finally has been granted! Is how I am feeling, so I am looking forward to it!

Good Evening Tomohissu Masuda here.
I am happy Since before it has been decided, we were always talking about the way we wanted to have our concerts, so I am very excited
It's going to be different from the concerts that we do with NEWS, and different from a solo concert.  I'm hoping that we can do a live that is different from any other you have seen.  I want to make a good concert
Because it's a tour, we are also looking forward to going all over the place, right Tegoshi

As expected, tours are fun, aren't they!  Each venue has its own feel, and each guest, fan reacts different. And we are able to eat the local foods in each location as well
The content of the concert will be decided from now but, we are thinking of forming a band, and we will of course have TegoMasu songs and solo songs, too. …but what I'm really worried about is the MC Nee Massu, should we have Kei-chan come and be in charge of it (lol)?

That sounds good (lol)  It's ok to ask our band members to be there, isn't it?  Shall we practice the music of the Sweeden natives, Nyckelharpa *thanks for the clarification kayen *

clapping, or whistling is good, too……saying a thing like actually, we have to do our best as TegoMasu no matter what!
Anyways, I want a lot of people to come and see us ne!!  Of course TegoMasu fans, and NEWS fans as well, and those fans who aren't either fans!!
I don't thing our concert will be anything like any concerts up until now!
I have confidence that we will definitely show you new things, one new side of TegoMasu, and one side of NEWS, so I want you to come and see it.  Ne, Massu-!!

You're right We want to share the songs that we sang before we became a part of NEWS as well, and show the progress we have made.  We are also excited with all of you who are wanting to come
So please everyone come and see us Catch you later

This has been TegoMasu

original Japanese can be found here. (friends locked.)

Mar. 4th, 2009



[ARASHI] Single: 『believe』 mail

Believe has been released!Collapse )

Japanese can be found here